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Protect your valuable DJ gear with DJ Bags by MiD8 @ Our bespoke padded DJ bags are designed and handmade in the UK, ensuring the highest level of protection and quality. With our in-depth understanding of the problems with the current solutions out there, we have created a range of solutions that make your life easier. Along with an award winning luggage & sporting case maker these are designed for DJs by DJs and we've had quite a journey to get here - please read our story below.

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Our Story

Welcome to DJ Bags by MiD8, your ultimate solution for top-quality bags designed by Djs specifically for DJs.

Embark on a journey with DJ Bags by MiD8, a brand born from a decade-long immersion in the dynamic world of DJing. Having transitioned from the vibrant club scene to the diverse realms of mobile DJing, weddings, parties, and corporate events, I encountered a glaring gap in the market— a scarcity of sturdy, high-quality bags for DJ equipment.


Frustration mounted as every bag or case I acquired, be it with a purchased product or for containing DJ booths, lights, speakers, power points, or cables, consistently failed after just a few uses. This common woe echoed through online forums, with DJs sharing identical complaints —typically, inferior materials and flimsy zips breaking after sometimes only one use.


The genesis of DJ Bags by MiD8 unfolded over five years, a journey marked by exploration and perseverance (and Covid). During this time, I scoured various suppliers and sought a manufacturer who could perfectly complement my visionand I was unable to find anything remotely near where I knew the product needed to be and more importantly no manufacturer I spoke to shared my vision. Fate intervened when I was invited to DJ at a warehouse party—an unconventional gig that led me to discover a hidden gem. The warehouse, brimming with sewing machines and high-quality bags, was owned by an award-winning luggage and sporting bag maker, with over 20 years experience.


The serendipitous encounter fueled a collaboration that would redefine DJ bags. I witnessed firsthand the exceptional quality of their products—crafted from the thickest fabric and boasting unparalleled durability. The conversation evolved, ideas flourished, and DJ Bags by MiD8 was born. The partnership not only addressed the deficiencies I observed in existing bags but also elevated the design, durability, and overall quality.


The journey continued as I personally tested and refined each product, ensuring they met the rigorous demands of DJ life. The result is a line of DJ bags meticulously redesigned from the original, eliminating weaknesses and common failure points. Every aspect, from reinforced handles to state-of-the-art padded interiors, has been crafted with DJs in mind.


At, we offer the ultimate solution — a next-generation answer to the persistent issues found in existing products. We use the strongest materials while maintaining style and functionality, offering bespoke padded/lined bags and tailor-made options to meet individual needs. Say goodbye to flimsy bags and cosmetic zips meant for clothing — trust DJ Bags by MiD8 to safeguard your DJ equipment.


Our ULTIMATE Collection introduces fully customised DJ bags by MiD8, collaboratively designed with you. These personalised bags feature embroidered logos, tagline patches, and RFID chips pre-programmed with your contact details for added security.


Why have we tolerated extended hours, stagnant pricing, and inadequate bags for your valuable equipment? DJ Bags by MiD8 marks the future of DJ bags and cases. Join us in making the change now, as we proudly offer a range that is protective, practical, stylish, and designed and individually handmade to order in the UK. It's time to elevate your DJ experience with DJ Bags by MiD8 and fly the Union Flag on your British designed and made products and all at a price point similar to the cheap imports we all know aren’t suitable for the products they are designed to hold and carry.


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