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Shipping & Returns


Unless we have an extremely popular item, everything else is made to order. We aim for a lead time of 3 -4 working days, but this may be extended at busy periods. Shipping time is then to be added to this.


Shipping is your choice as the customer and you can chose your preferred method at checkout. However, some methods are not possible due to the size of the product ordered, or if you have ordered multiple items.

Delivery times vary due to the delivery option taken and can be anything from 3-4 working days to a next day option.




At DJ Bags by MiD8 @, hereafter known as MiD8 Entertainment ,we simply want you to be happy with your purchase. It's as simple as that.

Happiness for us is defined as when you (the customer) have received your item and are totally happy with it.  Unless there has been a failure in use ( we've never had a return for a natural failure yet) we can only accept returns of unused items that are suitable for resale.  Please do not use something you intend to return as this will invalidate your return and will be sent back to you, without refund.  In the interest of good customer, &company relations we also kindly ask you to observe we are not a bag hire company, so please do not order a bag for something you require for a weekend and then try to return it.

Returns should be returned to the address below within fourteen days of the receipt of the bag.  MiD8 Entertainment may make allowances up to 21 days if emailed immediately with mitigating circumstances, this is very much by our discretion but ultimately we are here to help.

We will not accept returns for any items that have been ordered in the wrong size. All our bags and cases are individually handmade and this policy is non-negotiable. It is your responsibility to check that whatever you want to go into the bag or case will fit and we will take every opportunity to point this out to you in the listing (Under Returns) and if possible, during the order process - this will depend on how ans where you purchased the items.

Infrequently (but it can happen) something can actually go wrong.

We use a number of couriers including Evri, Royal Mail, APC, UPS & DHL.  Whilst these couriers take every care with your delivery, sometimes these can and do get delayed or lost.  Each company has a different policy on lost or delayed items and, in the rare case of loss or delay, we would suggest you check their website for exact details. The Royal Mail for instance does not consider something to be lost until fifteen (15) days have elapsed since collection.  Please be patient (especially if overseas) but if you feel something has gone astray, please contact us directly.  We will not normally refund products (or despatch a replacement) until confirmation of the product being lost by the courier has been confirmed in writing or until a return is received by us. Any item that you need by a certain date or you would like a little more information on after it leaves the depot, then we would strongly suggest you pick a tracked delivery option at checkout,. This includes companies such as such as UPS or DHL  


if there is a problem, we want you to know that our only aim is to resolve this for you, as quickly and easily as possible.

This should not cause conflict and we will make every effort to help.  Always remember, we are real people trying to provide the best service we can.  We would not knowingly wish to upset you.  We do not knowingly send out faulty goods and you should always treat everybody with respect, whether over the telephone or y email. We will not tolerate abuse and this may invalidate any return, replacement or resolution.

IF THERE IS A PROBLEM, the following three steps should help correct it.

Step 1) Upon receipt of goods, check them over. If they meet your expectations, all is good. If not, go to step 2.

Step 2) If you are unhappy please contact us immediately via e-mail or WhatsApp or Telegram and state why. Please give as much information as possible and provide pictures showing exactly what the issue is and why you are not pleased with your purchase. At this point we will issue you with a Query Reference, and you can then continue by telephone, email, WhatsApp or Telegram, whichever you prefer. If you do not have access to any of these Apps, please feel free to call in the first instance. We will contact you as soon as we can to discuss the issue. We may ask you to return the item which is explained in Step 3.

Step3) If the item needs to be returned you will need to arrange this yourself in the first instance.  We require you to use a recorded delivery service, this does not have to be fully tracked, but has to have a recorded receipt and delivery, such as Royal Mail Signed For We will not accept that goods have been returned, without conclusive proof of posting/tracking. MiD8 Entertainment may reimburse you for this return cost (up to £4.99) in the event of a manufacturing error for instance but please be aware, we may not reimburse this cost if the item was returned used or deemed to be damaged by a third party or by misuse. Once we receive the goods, we will inspect them and email our findings. MiD8 Entertainment will then repair or replace the goods and despatch (in the event of a wrong size) the appropriate size. This additional postage (to send the item back) will be paid by MiD8 Entertainment in order to maintain good relations. We trust that our position is understood.

All returns should be sent within a reasonable time period. We deem it reasonable to be within fourteen days. Items must be returned in an unused condition.  We will not issue refunds for used or damaged items.  If you do not accept these terms please do not order the goods.


Our Quality Control is second to none and every single item is hand-checked before being packed.  If your item is not received in perfect condition, however (damaged in transit for instance, or accidentally cut with knives or scissors when opening the package) then you must contact us immediately via email in accordance with step 1.  Our inspection will be equally as thorough as our QC process and check the same elements.

Items damaged during or after use (i.e. damaged by handling, negligence or any other third party damage) can still be returned but are unlikely to result in refunds unless considered a manufacturing fault.  Step three makes this clear and we reserve the right to charge for repairs.  Frequently repairs are carried out free of charge and we make every effort to keep things in favour of you, the customer., although we would charge you the delivery costs. Charges for any repairs would be fully agreed before any work commences.

BESPOKE, Custom / Made-To-Measure goods.

MiD8 Entertainment will not provide full refunds for made to measure items.  Part refunds may be offered but full refunds will only be given in the form of a credit note for alternative MiD8 Entertainment goods.  A purchase is considered acceptance of these conditions and our returns policy remains as follows.

Steps 1 - 3 still apply, however, please note the following. As you can appreciate, this service can be a little problematic if the sizes given are incorrect for instance. Please ensure that you make all measurements as accurately as possible. In the event of a made to measure bag needing further adjustments, a small charge may be made for alterations. Charges will be proportionate to the work carried out and will not exceed 50% of the item value on any given return. We want you to be entirely happy with your item and often there is no charge if the alteration is minor.

Please do not return products without direct communication with MiD8 Entertainment as this will only result in the product being returned to you the buyer. We will only issue PART refunds to UNUSED made to measure products as the item was made specifically for you and could be unique.   This refund, if granted, will only be a partial refund as discussed below in the custom made products returns.

Custom made products:  MiD8 Entertainment  regrets that it is unable to refund monies on custom made items under normal circumstances. Custom items are made under instruction from the client and supplied accordingly.  Customers are politely requested to consider that our labour, design time and administration costs were a considerable percentage of the items cost value.  Such costs must be met by the customer.  In keeping with good relations, we are happy to provide a credit note for any returned items under step 3.  In the case of faulty goods, we anticipate prompt communication as per step 1.  Faulty goods will be inspected upon return as per step 3.  Mid8 will repair and return faulty goods in the event of a manufacturer's fault.  Should the damage be considered negligent, wilful or otherwise a third party act beyond the control of the manufacturer we will contact the customer to discuss.  We trust our position is clear.  Please ask if you are unsure before purchase.


MiD8 Entertainment

34 Caldene Avenue

Low Moor


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