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  • Why do you insist we measure the product that the bag or case is being order for?
    Every bag by MiD8 is individually handmade to order in the UK and whilst we make case "compatible" with various products, these can sometime be out of their original shape and we cannot replace or refund items ordered in the wrong size. Whilst items "compatible with" should and have fit previously the onus is on you to make sure the size is correct and for he sake of a couple of minutes, it's better to be safe than sorry - right?
  • How do I measure my item
    Please measure, in centimetres, the Length (L) x Width (W) x Depth (D) of your item, to make sure it fits. You would be surprised how many manufacturers listed sizes are wrong, or if your item has bent and warped through use it may not fit as it should. Bags by MiD8 are precision manufactured and maximum protection can only be achieved with the correct dimensions. Please DON'T add any extra for "wiggle room", let us take care of that - we know what the material can naturally accommodate and if we feel a little extra space is required and you've already added a CM here or there "just to be safe" then we're left with a bag or case too large, which doesn't protect the equipment as it was designed to. Please don't convert inches to centimetres, you then have no choice but to round up or down, please ONLY measure in CMS. Any item listed as "for" or "compatible" with, or where it is made plain that is is designed for a specific product, will fit to the manufacturer specification. Ultimately though, these are individually handmade products, so the responsibility is yours to make sure what you order is fit for purpose and for the sake of a couple of minutes it really is worth the extra effort to get a UK designed and handmade bag or case at the end!
  • Do you hold stock or is everything made to order
    99% of the time we make everything to order. If we have a particular item that is selling well, we will batch produce and hold some stock for immediate despatch.
  • What are your lead times for handmade to order items?
    At DJ Bags by MiD8 we aim to finish manufacture 3 - 4 working days after your order is complete and then we either drop off at a courier the same day or wait until the next business day for a courier to collect, subject to the service you pick at checkout. These times may change during extremely busy periods, or at certain times of year; like Christmas or leading up to Wedding Season. Please remember these are handmade products and the lead times are not set in stone - we take quality control extremely seriously and because we're not machine making in massive batches, it means we can control the quality throughout the entire process and sometimes items have to go back a step before they pass the highest of quality control, which allows them to continue to completion.
  • How long does delivery take
    Delivery times are based on the option you select at checkout. Our economy options usually deliver 3 - 4 days after we leave them at the courier depot. The next working day tracked service will depend on when the courier can collect. If we can get them in same day you should have them next business day, if not it will be the day after.
  • Why do you show everything is in stock if it's all handmade to order
    We tried listing everything as out of stock because it's individually handmade to order in the UK but customers simply won't order something listed out of stock and it also suggests we don't have the materials to manufacturer your order. The only way around this is to list everything in stock, we have a short lead time anyway, which is also explained in the FAQ and people will wait for a handmade long as it's not listed out of stock! If there is a particularly popular item, for off the shelf products, we will make small batches and these can be despatched as soon as they are packed.
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