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Welcome to the future of DJ Bags and Cases

I'm not sure how it became acceptable to be provided with subpar bags for DJ equipment, bags which are imported from around the world, made from the cheapest materials and without any real thought to the design or purpose of use, but it stops here and it stops now, with the introduction of DJ Bags by MiD8.

Each item has been completely redesigned from the ground up, with every weak point fixed and every cosmetic zip replaced by the industrial version. Each bag is fully padded with an extra special material that "breathes" and every item is lined and water resistant.  DJ Bags by MiD8 truly are the next generation of DJ bags and cases and are as stylish as they are robust - they will easily survive a 2am load out and will last well into the future.

The whole collection has been designed by DJs, for DJs and we only handmake every product in the UK, using an award winning sporting bag and luggage manufacturer, with over 20 years experience in the industry, and all whilst keeping the price point down!

We are extremely proud in what we have achieved. Please click below to read how a random DJ Booking ended my FIVE YEAR search for the perfect provider and somebody who shared my vision.

Best sellers by MiD8

Whether you are Digital, Analogue, or both we have a solution for you

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