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If you found your way here without an invite - hello and welcome!

This is an early release site, generally for invites only, but we would love for you to stay and take advantage of our pre-release launch sale. Please however be aware that there may still be a few bugs in the system and that things are still evolving and changing. Also, as we wait for the stock order to be delivered, everything is individually handmade to order so the lead time on manufacture can be up to 14 working days, but you do get compensated with the rates and money off coupons!

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DJ Bags by MiD8
Designed & Manufactured in the UK - by DJs for DJs

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What DJs Have Been Waiting For!

DJ Bags by MiD8, Next Generation Bags for DJs, Designed & Individually Handmade in the UK

With over a decade of experience as a working DJ in the club scene, I transitioned into the mobile DJ, wedding, party, and corporate event side of the industry. To my dismay, I discovered a significant gap in the market—a shortage of durable, high-quality bags for DJ equipment.

                                             True Next Generation solutions

Every bag or case I acquired, whether with a purchased product or for containing DJ Booths, lights, speakers, power points, or cables, consistently failed after just a few uses. Online forums echoed the frustration, with DJs voicing identical complaints - usually inferior materials and flimsy zips, breaking after sometimes only one use.


This realisation led to the birth of, my solution to the problem and a true next generation solution to the the host of issues found on products already out there. We use the strongest of materials possible, whilst still retaining style and functionality, which allows us to provide bespoke padded/lined bags and the option for tailor-made bags & cases to meet individual needs, ensures you never have to worry about zips failing, after a handful of uses, again! 


                                         Zip Failures are a thing of the past

Every aspect of the bag has been meticulously re-designed from the original - all the weaknesses and common failure points were identified and addressed and each bag is designed by Djs with the DJ in mind, from reinforced handles, plus over the shoulder straps AND grab handles, to a padded interior which is state of the art and both odour and moisture resistant. We ONLY use super strong COMMERCIAL ZIPS!  You wouldn't settle for sub-par equipment, so why settle for flimsy bags with cosmetic zips meant for clothing; trust and DJ bags by MiD8 to safeguard your DJ equipment. Why invest in a replacement bag or case from the manufacturer, or designed to be an exact replica - when you've already had at least one failure?

Please read our ABOUT PAGE and discover the five year journey we've been on and what some may call "The Universe" stepping in to bring two companies together that should probably never have come into contact with each oth



                                             Some may say The Universe Stepped in 

Our bags are not only functional and durable, but our ULTIMATE Collection introduces fully customised DJ bags by MiD8. Collaboratively designed with you, these bags include embroidered logo and tagline patches, along with RFID chips pre-programmed with your contact details. Locked and ready to be read by any mobile phone capable of contactless payments, this unique offering provides a truly personalised experience unlike any other.

We also offer fully bespoke designs for any item you may have struggled to find a solution for in the past, check the FAQ section HERE out to find out how to measure the item the bag or case is for and we'll do the rest!

​                                             It's not all about sales

We'd love for you to contact DJ Bags by MiD8 by emailing, our use our other ways to make contact, including live chat, phone, email & WhatsApp or head to our Contact Page today to discuss your requirements in detail and elevate your DJ equipment protection to a new standard!


We're not only trying to build sales, we're trying to build a community, this range will ultimately be built around you, so please sign up for an account and let's get the conversation started! You will automatically join our rewards program and earn 20 points just for signing up and points are awarded for each purchase until you reach 100 points for 10% off your next purchase.

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Whether you are Digital, Analogue, or both we have a solution for you

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