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Our top 20 DJ Hacks, Tricks & Tips

I learned to DJ on vinyl, using cheap decks that wouldn't hold a constant speed, had pennies on the stylus to keep the needle down and my mixer only had 2 faders plus a cross fade...... and I wouldn't change it for the world! The experience it gave me is invaluable, but for those not wanting to perform a successful mix using a blend of skill, hope and Sellotape read on for our top 20 DJ hacks, tricks and tips that will elevate your djing to the next level.

  1. Use cue points to mark important sections of a track, such as the drop or breakdown. This will allow you to quickly jump to those sections during a mix.

  2. Beatmatch by ear rather than relying solely on visual aids like waveforms. This will improve your overall sense of timing and rhythm.

  3. Use EQ to blend tracks together. For example, if you have two tracks with conflicting basslines, you can use EQ to cut the bass on one track while boosting it on the other to create a smooth transition.

  4. Use loops to create buildups and breakdowns. By repeating a certain section of a track, you can create tension and anticipation for the next section.

  5. Use effects sparingly and purposefully. Don't overdo it with effects, as this can quickly become overwhelming for the listener.

  6. Experiment with different genres and BPMs. Don't be afraid to mix things up and try something new.

  7. Use headphones to preview tracks and make sure they are in sync before bringing them into the mix.

  8. Use key matching to ensure that your tracks are harmonically compatible. This will create a smoother, more musical mix.

  9. Use acapellas and instrumental versions of tracks to create mashups and remixes.

  10. Use filters to create subtle, but effective transitions between tracks. For example, you can gradually filter out the high frequencies on one track while bringing in the high frequencies on the other.

  11. Use slip mode to make precise edits without disrupting the overall flow of the mix.

  12. Use vinyl control to add a tactile element to your DJing. This will allow you to scratch and manipulate tracks in real time.

  13. Use a MIDI controller to add more creative possibilities to your DJing setup. This will allow you to trigger samples, control effects, and manipulate tracks in new ways.

  14. Use autoloop to automatically create loops of a certain length. This can save you time and help you focus on other aspects of the mix.

  15. Use the pitch control to adjust the tempo of tracks and create interesting, unexpected mixes.

  16. Use the sync button sparingly. While it can be helpful in certain situations, relying too heavily on the sync button can limit your overall DJing abilities.

  17. Use quantize to ensure that your tracks are perfectly in sync. This will create a more polished and professional-sounding mix.

  18. Use track markers to organize your music library and make it easier to find the tracks you need during a set.

  19. Use a backup system to ensure that your music is always available, even if your main system fails.

  20. Use social media to promote your DJing and connect with other DJs and music fans. This can help you build a following and create new opportunities for gigs and collaborations.

By incorporating these hacks, tricks, and tips into your DJing, you can take your skills to the next level and create more exciting and engaging mixes.

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